Photo Album

Below are some photos of Hrenya Research Group members,
past and present.


2016 Hrenya Research Group
(L-R): William, Peiyuan, Elija, Aaron, Christine, Kevin, Haley, Lucas, Casey.
Not Pictured:  Ipsita (...we dropped the ball on that one)  

2015 Hrenya Research Group
(L-R): Casey, Peiyuan, William, Haley, Aaron M., Kevin, Christine, Aaron L., Jack & Drew 

2016: Going away dinner at Christine's house for Kyle Berger
(clockwise from front left): Aaron Lattanzi, Kevin Kellogg, Christine, Tina Berger, Peiyuan Liu, Kyle Berger, Betsy & William Fullmer, Ipsita Mishra, Casey LaMarche & Alexi Ortega (Mark was the photog) 

2014 Hrenya Research Group
(L-R): Peiyuan, Wiliam, Peter, Christine, Drew, Casey, Bernie, Ben, Kyle, Aaron M, Kevin
Not Pictured: Aaron L.

Sept. 2014:  Casey and Christine take a break from their 70-mile ride in the Buffalo Bike Classic, a fundraiser for the CU College of Arts and Sciences.

Aug. 2014:  Professor Vicente Garzó of Spain visits the group and collaborates with Christine (while also nursing a sore knee)

May 2011:  Dinner at Christine's house celebrating the thesis defense of Dr. Jia W. Chew
Left to right: Anshu Anand, Peter Mitrano, Carly Donahue, John Zenk, Drew Parker, Aaron Murray, Jia Chew, Christine Hrenya

2011:  Going away dinner at Christine's house for Steven Dahl
Top left to bottom right:  Kyle Berger, Anshu Anand, John Zenk, Steven Dahl, Christine Hrenya,  Peter Mitrano, Carly Donahue, and Jia Chew

2010:  Dinner at Baraco celebrating the graduation of undergraduate researchers Daniel Cromer, Kat Potter, and Jeff Wolz
Left to right:  Aaron Murray, Mark Ringer (Christine's husband), Christine Hrenya, Jeff Wolz, Kat Potter, Carly Donahue, Will Brewer, Jia Chew, Steven Dahl, Danny Cromer, Anshu Anand, and Peter Mitrano

2010:  Undergraduate researchers Kat Potter & Danny Cromer at their CU Commencement - we will miss them!

2009:  Group dinner at Christine's house
Left to right:  Mike Pacella, Brent Rice, Carly Donahue, Danny Cromer, Gustavo Joseph, Christine Hrenya, Jeff Wolz

2007:  Group dinner at Christine's house
Left to right:  Mike, Carly Donahue, Christine Hrenya, José Leboreiro, Brent Rice, Ken Nakagawa, Gustavo Joseph, Joe Kozlowski, Jon Tebbe

2006:  Group dinner at Christine's house (the final color choice for the room was a red hue, the second swatch from the top)
Left to right:  Casey Carney, Brent Rice, Gustavo Joseph, Joe Kozlowski, José Leboreiro, Elsa Birch, Christine Hrenya, Janine Galvin

2003:  Group dinner at Christine's house
Left to right, back to front:  Jen Walsh, Mike Weber, Janine Galvin, Casey Carney, Advait Kantak, Drew Stevens, Brent Rice, Steven Dahl, Christine Hrenya & Monroe (honorary member of the Hrenya Research Group)

2003 Group ski trip
Left to right:  Christine Hrenya, Jen Walsh, Mike Weber, Steven Dahl, Casey Carney, Janine Galvin; Janine Galvin striking a solo pose

2002 Group dinner at Christine's
Left to right, back to front:  Brent Rice, Janine Galvin, Christine Hrenya, Mike Weber, Advait Kantak, Jen Walsh, Casey Carney, Steven Dahl

2001:  Group ski trip
Left to right:  Casey Carney, Christine Hrenya, Brent Rice, Steven Dahl, Mike Weber, Jen Walsh

2001:  Research-themed, rhubarb-raspberry pies for group dinner at Christine's house
Left:  artistic rendering of particle doublets arising from cohesive forces
Right:  artistic rendering of polydispersity and thermophoretic deposition of aerosol particles near cool wall