The Hrenya Research Group is grateful for the funding support provided over the years by the following entities.


The Hrenya Research Group is fortunate to conduct research in partnership with a variety of experts from around the world.  Recent collaborators are listed below.

  Dr. Sofiane Benyahia, DOE NETL

  Dr. Janine Carney, DOE NETL

  Prof. Jia Wei Chew, Nanyang Technological University

  Dr. Ray Cocco, PSRI

  Prof. Rob Davis, University of Colorado

  Prof. Jim Dufty, University of Florida

  Prof. Rodney Fox, Iowa State University

  Prof. Vicente Garzó, Universidad de Extremadura, España

  Prof. John Grace, University of British Columbia

  Dr. Ray Grout, DOE NREL

  Dr. Thomas Hauser, Research Computing CU-Boulder

  Dr. Zhiwen Ma, DOE NREL

  Dr. Phil Metzger, NASA Kennedy Space Center

  Dr. Aaron Morris, DOE NETL

  Dr. Tom O’Brien, retired DOE NETL

  Dr. Sreekanth Pannala, DOE ORNL

  Prof. Dan Schwartz, University of Colorado

  Dr. Abhi Shetty, Anton Paar

  Prof. Shankar Subramaniam, Iowa State University

  Prof. Sankaran Sundaresan, Princeton University

  Prof. Al Weimer, University of Colorado

  Prof. Ricky Wildman, University of Nottingham, UK

  Prof. Xiaolong Yin, Colorado School of Mines


College of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Christine M. Hrenya: hrenya@colorado.edu